1 – Each machine belongs to a specific usage category that has been highlighted with different colours (see the table).
Each type of machine belongs to a different application category (see examples in the table).
Each undercarriage can be used in 4 different usage categories.

In order to find out which type of undercarriage is suitable for your application, identify the type of machine that is the most similar to yours and remember the colour assigned to the relative usage category.

2 – To correctly identify your product, go to the “Products” screen and choose between “Rubber tracked undercarriages”, “Interchangeable undercarriages” and “Steel tracked undercarriages”.
When you reach the specific group of undercarriages, select the application category and match the overall weight of your machine with the colour you remembered from before.

3 – Once you have identified the type of undercarriage, go to “Product Details” and select the model according to the required length .