Sottocarri Itercambiabili
Interchangeable tracks
Cingolati Motorizzati
Tracks with Steel Tread
Cingoli in Acciaio
Steel Tracks
Cingolati Motorizzati
Motorized Tracked Undercarriages
Cingolati con Base Ralla
Tracked Undercarriages with Slewing Ring
Condizioni Estreme
Extreme Conditions
Sottocarri Motorizzati
Tracked Undercarriages with Power Pack
High Speed
Gemmo Group
Gemmo Group
Gemmo Group
Gemmo Group

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Gemmo Group srl

Rubber and Steel Tracked Undercarriages

TRACKED UNDERCARRIAGES: leader in design, customization and construction.

Welcome to Gemmo Group where our experience and dedication to mechanical engineering have enabled us to achieve excellent results in design and construction of rubber and steel tracked undercarriages for aerial platforms, cranes, excavators, trenchers, drilling machines, dump trucks, agricultural machinery and special purpose machines.

For over twentyfive years a team of engineers and technical professionals have transformed the requests and ideas of our customers into highly competitive earthmoving and construction machinery.

Choosing a Gemmo tracked undercarriage means:

SAFETY: because in addition to meticulous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, high-quality materials ensure undercarriages durability the  over time; indeed, for its components, Gemmo Group relies on partnerships with the worldwide leading manufacturers .

FLEXIBILITY and DIVERSIFICATION: in addition to manufacturing standard rubber and steel tracked undercarriages, we also provide customized designs for complex applications and for a wide range of uses. Gemmo Group works together with companies operating in the ground drilling sector or corporations requiring tracked undercarriages for aerial platforms, cranes, mining machinery, excavators, trenchers, dumpers, transporters, tractors and agricultural machinery.

HIGH PROFILE TECHNOLOGY: we use only cutting-edge and technically innovative software and application programs.

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